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Shopping Online

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WATCH: Online Shopping

Costa challenges us to be aware when shopping online – that we don’t get more than we bargained for! Buy from reputable traders and always check the packaging for any suspicious hitchhikers like larvae, soil and bugs.

Good Bugs

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WATCH: Good bugs - Lady bugs

Join us as we learn about these important “super pest controllers” that patrol your veggie patch, protecting your veggies!

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WATCH: Good bugs - Bees

Did you know there are more than 1,600 species of bees that are native to Australia? Join Costa and learn how to encourage happy, healthy, busy little pollinators!

Honey Bees Podcast

LISTEN: Honey bee special

Get the buzz on bee keeping, pollination and honey making! Join Elizabeth Frost, Honey Bee Technical Specialist with the NSW DPI, as she gives Costa the low down on honey bees in Australia and some of the surveillance activities & programs that are helping to keep our bees buzzing.

Chook Care

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WATCH: Chook Care

Did you know chooks are the ultimate Biosecurity Champion’s pet? Costa shares the top five superpowers of chooks and you’ll be amazed to learn how with a bit of chicken magic, you can reduce your waste and maintain a healthy garden.

Garden Biosecurity

Backyard Biosecurity Podcast

Listen: Backyard Biosecurity

Slap on your happy goggles and get with the biosecurity program at your place. Costa is diving headfirst into your backyard bliss and getting forensic with his panel of eco rockstar experts and special guests. They’ll be exploring how caring for your bees, chickens, other animals and veggies and keeping an eye out for unwanted insects and weeds protects the food we all eat and the natural world that we all love so much.

Recorded in front of a live audience at the 2019 Sustainable Living Festival, in Melbourne, this podcast will inspire you to join with 20 million pairs of eyes across the nation on the hunt to help protect our economy, environment and community from exotic pests.

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