Australia is home to thousands of amazing and unique plants and animals. With increasing trade and tourism, the movement of foreign species has increased dramatically worldwide. Millions of people travel across the globe every day, as well as thousands of ships, planes, trains, trucks and cars, often taking (knowingly or otherwise) hitchhikers along for the ride.

When an introduced or non-native species begins to have negative consequences—either environmental, economic or on human health—it is classed as invasive. Invasive exotic species are one of the biggest environmental problems facing Australia. They also cause economic and cultural damage and are the number one cause of native animal extinctions across Australia. Invasive species cost, in terms of management, control and economic loss, around $14billion each year.

Our biggest challenge is to limit the impacts of these invasive species and prevent new ones from arriving. Check out these resources to find out more about these hitchhiking pests, what to do and what NOT to do if you spot one of these nasty invaders.

Exotic Animals

Friend or foe?

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WATCH: Exotic pets

“We don’t want another cane toad”. Join Costa, Rob Ambrose (snake catcher) and Nathan Cutter (Invasive Species Specialist) as we learn about the risks that exotic pests can pose to our native wildlife through predation and competition.

Invaders No Bo HedgeHog

Become a biosecurity warrior

Australia’s Biosecurity experts protected over 340,000 potential biosecurity breaches last year. How did a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) find its way into Australia via an international furniture delivery from Italy? How did the bug hunt work when DPI called out for locals to help them contain the BMSB from nearby farms? Why is the BMSB so destructive? Why is watching and reporting vital to Australia’s health and safety.

This 3 part mini podcast series is a celebration of ordinary people who have reported Biosecurity threats and folk in the field who have made big discoveries. What’s it like to make a difference and how easy is it to be your own biosecurity warrior.

Biosecurity Warrior 1 Podcast

Part 1

Biosecurity Warrior 2 Podcast

Part 2

Biosecurity Warrior 3 Podcast

Part 3

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