Australia has some of the most pristine natural environments and unique wildlife in the world. It is our job to protect what we love, to conserve our wildlife and keep our wilderness areas pest, weed, disease and contaminant free so we can continue enjoying our great outdoors and all that our environment provides us.

Did you know that one small act of using imported prawns as fish bait could result in a multi-million-dollar disease spreading through our local prawn populations, affecting recreational and commercial fishing, our environment and the aquaculture industry?

Weeds are thought to impose an average cost over $5billion across Australia each year. Weeds compete with our native plants for space and nutrients, they have sophisticated and effective modes of spreading, being able to infect large areas in a short period of time if left uncontrolled – lantana and blackberries are great examples! Weeds and weed seeds impact our cropping and livestock production nationally costing our farmers millions. Be weed wise and come clean, go clean when enjoying our great outdoors and help stop the spread.

Watch, play and listen to how you can help protect our environment and waterways from pests, weeds and diseases. You can make a difference!

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Protecting our waterways

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WATCH: Keeping white spot out of our waterways

Learn how, as a community, we can all help protect our waterways, environment and aquatic industries; and how a single action can make a big impact, both causing and preventing serious threats to these precious resources. Dr Steven Wesche and Anita Ramage of Biosecurity Queensland explain the role we can all play to ensure our marine environments remain pristine and our aquatic industries remain sustainable into the future.

Whitespot Podcast

LISTEN: White Spot Special

It only takes one. Join Costa as he talks white spot with Dr Stephen Wesche, Principle Scientist at Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Queensland), and Anita Ramage, Principle Biosecurity Officer. Find out about some of the pathways for white spot to enter our precious waterways and how you can help reduce the risks. We’re in it together.

Protecting our great outdoors

Vector You Podcast

LISTEN: Vector you

Most pests, diseases and weeds have spread and are mobilised by human activity.

Did you know that when entering Australia as a guest, returning home or even crossing state borders, there are rules about what you can and can’t bring with you? As travel becomes increasingly accessible and frequent, there’s a need for greater care and understanding to ensure that we continue to protect our environment, our communities, our native wildlife and economy.

Even moving from one camping spot to another can present biosecurity risks!

So, what is it with shoes on farms and inside airports, moving pot plants interstate and declaring food and wood items? Costa gets the low down on these and much more in this conversation about coming clean and going clean when moving from A-B.

No space for weeds

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WATCH: There’s no space for weeds

Meet Sally the weedy wonder detection dog and learn how weeds threaten our native plants and animals. Costa explains how to be weed wise while enjoying the great outdoors!

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