Did you know there are thousands of farms across the country, each of them having different biosecurity plans developed to manage their individual property-based risks? Whether you’re a landowner, manager or visitor, you need to be mindful of these risks and find out what plans are in place to help stop any biosecurity baddies in their tracks.

Ask questions, listen to local wisdom and build your knowledge base. Stick to the plan and 'shut the gate' on unwanted pests, weeds and diseases!

Three people in a field training on biosecurity

Every piece of fruit matters

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WATCH: Fruit biosecurity

Did you know that nearly all of the bananas produced in Australia come from Queensland? Biosecurity is not only important for goods coming from overseas, but it’s also important in making sure that pests and diseases don’t hitch a ride on fruit and vegetables travelling interstate. Join Costa and Rebekah Pierce (Plant Biosecurity Officer) as we discover why every piece of fruit matters!

Fruit Fly Podcast

LISTEN: Fruit Fly Special

Biosecurity is not just about pests, its all about people. Join Costa as he chats pest management with Nick Secombe, Project Manager for Biosecurity in South Australia. Hear about the potential impact a fruit fly incursion could have on our export industries and how technology is helping to prevent these risks.

Visiting or working the land

Small Farms Podcast

LISTEN: Small farms - good neighbours

You may have been planning your escape to the country or tree change for years. It’s great to have plants animals and access to the great outdoors, but these things come with a biosecurity responsibility for you, your neighbours and the wider community.

Once you arrive, make sure that any biosecurity risks such as weeds, pests and diseases are minimised and handled properly so they don’t escape onto your neighbour’s farm and surrounding areas. Get in touch with your local biosecurity agency to access the available support services. Otherwise, those wonderful home baked goods and products your neighbours gifted to you on arrival can quickly sour!

Join Costa as he chats with some hobby farmers about their successes, weed management, food scraps, pigs and how they are adopting new strategies to manage the challenges in a changing climate.

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