To help us continue to protect our unique natural habitats, the health of our people and build stronger, sustainable primary industries, we need to look forward at new technologies and systems to support us in our efforts.

Technological developments will play a key role in helping us to not only protect what we love, but also improve our current practices. This includes smarter, more efficient and sustainable ways to:

  • conduct pest, weed and disease surveillance and monitoring
  • capture data and analytics
  • tackle invasive pests and diseases
  • undertake R&D and apply scientific and genetic research
  • track our food from paddock to plate (traceability)
  • communicate and report.

Check out these resources and find out how technological advancements in biosecurity are helping us protect and enhance our environment, communities and our farms now and into the future.

Technology that's tackling the 'baddies'

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WATCH: Drones - future technologies

Did you know that drones are used to help trace biosecurity baddies including pests and weeds? The data collected by ‘drone warriors’ helps scientists plan for the future and put plans in place to ensure our precious environment and natural resources are protected from these baddies.

Farm Tech Podcast

LISTEN: You can run but you can’t hide - using technology

Innovation is key to tackling invasive pests and insects.

The most effective way to find pests, wherever they are, is to use all the tools available in the toolkit.

There are no magic tricks or ‘silver bullet’ in beating invasive pests and insects. We need to use as many tools as possible. Luckily these tools are getting smarter, faster and are more easily available. Join Costa and Marc Fennel as they get up close and personal with canine facial recognition, heat seeking drones, sticky traps and lures, aerial surveillance and the story of Jet the Ant Sniffing Sniffer dog.

Biological Control Podcast

LISTEN: The cutting edge -biological control

In this bragfest, learn how Australia is a leader in agriculture and primary production R&D. In fact, we’re in the top 1% in the world. That’s something to be very proud of! Find out about the:

  • Queen bee breeding program that’s breeding varroa-mite resistant bees
  • DNA program at Narrandera Fishing Labs that’s using water samples to detect the DNA of invasive and exotic pests (like carp)
  • Drone use for Lupin Anthracnose surveillance, pest animal mapping and surveillance
  • Biosecurity blockchain that’s helping to prove provenance and reduce food fraud and assist in tracing NSW produce internationally.

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